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Chimosa HIIT

Class type: Online & Outdoor available
Equipment: your own body & towel

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): ideale Vorbereitung auf den Tag, Übungen aus dem Aerobic, Tae Bo und Zirkeltraining – ohne Geräte, nur mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht oder mit modernem Trainingsequipment (z. B. Kettlebells, Thera- und TRX-Bänder) – ein effizientes und intensives Training, das die Lebensgeister weckt.

Alle Körperregionen werden aktiviert, Kalorien verbrannt, Ausdauer, Koordination und Beweglichkeit durch kurze und simple Bewegungseinheiten trainiert.

Überschüssige Kalorien haben durch die maximale Belastung bei diesem HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) keine Chance.

In der Sommerzeit wird bei gutem Wetter an der frischen Luft im Monbijou-Park trainiert!



Our CHIMOSA HIIT class will bring you and each of your muscles up to speed – a great preparation for the whole day. The class includes a colorful mix of aerobics, Tae Bo and circuit training exercises, all without machines but with your own body weight or very effective equipment (e. g. kettlebells, thera and TRX bands), allowing for a very efficient and intense training that truly awakens your spirits.

Those 60 power minutes will boost your energy level for the whole day plus activate every area of your body. Train your endurance, coordination and mobility with short and simple exercises. Excess calories won’t stand a chance as they will burn in no time due to maximum physical effort brought about with this HIIT (high intensity intervall training).

While optimizing your physical fitness, this class also minimizes the risk of injuries by using and building up all your muscles, therefore significantly helping with your training goals.

We recommend to do some stretching after taking this class, e. g. by taking a Yoga or Pilates class. Your muscles will then have been warmed, allowing for better and even more intense stretching.