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Fitness Kickboxing

Class type: Indoor
Equipment: Boxing gloves

Full-Body-Workout durch Training aller Körperregionen (Kombination von Schlag- und Tritttechniken aus den Kampfsportarten Boxen und Kickboxen am Sandsack und auf Schlagpolstern).

Der Fitness-Aspekt steht im Vordergrund: Ankurbelung des Stoffwechsels durch hohe Bewegungsintensität, dadurch erhöhter Kalorienverbrauch. Stärkung der Ausdauer, Verbesserung der Reaktionsfähigkeit und Steigerung der körperlichen Fitness.

Zwei Kursformate (regulär = ideal für Anfänger; advanced = Fortgeschrittene)!



This class will give you the ultimate kick to boost your fitness and self-confidence.
Here, your are off to a demanding full body workout that trains all parts of the body by making use of various punching and kicking techniques from Boxing and Kickboxing (with a punching bag) as well as with punch padding.

Through the high intensity of movement, your metabolism gets a kick-start which then increases your calorie consumption by burning up to 800 kcal within one training session.
Also: Strengthen your endurance, kick your weaker self’s behind, improve your responsiveness and increase your physical fitness through  functional training units towards the end of every class.

Suitable for beginners and  for martial arts newcomers.