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Misa Mladenovic

Misa Mladenovic was born in Belgrade in a family of athletes that dedicated most of their life to sports. Prolific in sport from his early days,he explored martial arts (Karate, Kung fu and Capoeira) and acrobatics (Gymnastics, Parkour). Falling in love with Yoga happened while studying sports on the faculty of sport and physical education. Since that time Misa has been an avid explorer of yogic disciplines. Misa obtained his certification as Yoga Teacher (Hatha and Ashtanga vinyasa yoga) from Rishikul yoga shala in Rishikesh , and strives to continuously improve his skills by using Yoga in conjunction with gymnastic strength drills and contortion principles of flexibility.

Misa’s classes are focused on developing active flexibility, mobility and a powerful body capable to adapt to all challenges and specific demands of life. Physically and mentaly demanding postures and movements will in a safe way bring out the best things hidden inside you.


“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think” ― Socrates

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