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Power Yoga

Power Yoga might be one of the best-known and most popular Yoga styles, and is definitely frequently practiced all over the world.

Yoga for Martial Arts

Designed to be suitable for martial artists – explore the range of motion and stability of the joints.

Morgen Meditation (D)

Stress-Abbau, Zielsetzung und Meditation

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We work with international trainers from all over the world! Let’s connect!

Yin & Sound Yoga

Die Fusion einer Yin Yoga Klasse mit den heilenden Klängen der Alchemy CrystalBowls.

Outdoor Rooftop Yoga

Yoga on the rooftop of HELIOS CENTER in Berlin Mitte! We will meet you on the 7th floor!

Ashtanga Yoga

Each practice is defined by a specific, fixed sequence of postures. Intended to be a daily practice, this powerful and healing practice links movement and breath.