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Hatha Yoga Flow

In Hatha Yoga Flow, individual asanas (postures) are connected with each other in a flowing manner, synchronized with the breath. This creates a special mixture of stress and relaxation of the muscles and mind.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga might be one of the best-known and most popular Yoga styles, and is definitely frequently practiced all over the world.

Yoga for Athletes

Designed to be suitable for martial artists – explore the range of motion and stability of the joints.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We work with international trainers from all over the world! Let’s connect!

Yin & Sound Yoga

Die Fusion einer Yin Yoga Klasse mit den heilenden Klängen der Alchemy CrystalBowls.

Ashtanga Yoga

Each practice is defined by a specific, fixed sequence of postures. Intended to be a daily practice, this powerful and healing practice links movement and breath.